Gayle Karen Young

Former Chief Cultural Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia)

​"Working with Jake and Stefania was pivotal in helping me understand, access, and use the full range of who I am to face current (and future) circumstances.  I've seen many approaches as a psychologist and an executive to self-awareness and self-development, and theirs is unique in honoring and supporting the complexity of who we are. In their work I found relevance to the current situations in life from every perspective, from self-understanding, decision-making, and familial and intimate relationships to professional challenges. 


As a couple, they tagteam beautifully together and bring a shared sense of wisdom and a complementary set of skills in both the incisive mental, perceptive, and challenging spaces as well as the compassionate supportive spaces. It's a rare luxury and gift to have the focus of two very different and aligned people working together and with you on you, using a robust methodology that works."


"Few things are more important than getting to know yourself and be yourself. Working with Jake and Stefania led me to understand the different aspects of myself that sometimes work in concert and sometimes work against myself. Being able to have awareness around this has led to strong breakthroughs and realizations that have changed my life."

Dan Rosen

FCo-founder and CEO of Mosaic

(Solar Financing)

Arthur Matuszewski

Former Management Associate at Bridgewater Associates

"Jake and Stefania are wizards of understanding and distilling the human experience — their focus & clarity of purpose is inspiring, and when applied to the practice of solving for the x of life helps put language to longing and drive to inchoate desire. For anyone looking to cut past the spirt crystal fluff, chart a vision and begin the labor of shaping one's view and sense of being in the world their practice will be a sharp beginning." 

"It was a fascinating discovery  to create my Mandala with  Jake and Stefania.  They have a gift for seeing, distilling and extracting the truth in people, arriving at a level of understanding and clarity far beyond what I thought was even possible.  This experience has changed how I relate to the world around me, and how I relate to myself."

Daven Henze

Professor of Climatology at the University of Colorado, Boulder