We are a husband and wife team who bring our diverse backgrounds and 11 years of relationship experience to the work.


We each bring a different focus and perspective, and for that reason enjoy doing most of our work together. In some cases, we will work with you individually, as part of your customized work plan (see What We Offer).

Jake Bornstein

I want to work with men and women ready to make the jump into a soul-driven life. By taking my inner world seriously, my outer world has blossomed with possibility-- by learning to connect to the mystery of spirit, to the quiet beauty of my own soul, to the unique characteristics I brought into this life-- I have discovered a wholeness independent of what life throws my way. It would be my joy to walk beside you as you discover the path your own soul takes, and assist you in uncovering the ways the parts within you can help it flourish.


I was trained and certified in the Mandala model by Dr. Roger Strachan, at the Center for Creative Choice, as well as receiving certification in interpersonal facilitation from the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado. My background includes training in Gestalt, Integral and genetic psychology, a deep dive into Western wisdom traditions at Princeton and Oxford Universities, extensive training in systems thinking and design through permaculture and key investment roles at Bridgewater Associates (the largest hedge fund in the world), leadership and board positions in finance and non-profits (Slow Money and Revision International), explorations in mindfulness, mysticism, Qi Gong and energy work. My writing has been featured in Elephant Journal, the quarterly journal of the Center for Humans and Nature, and Conscious Company Magazine. 



Stefania Mesoraca

I want to work with passionate human beings who want to bring purpose and meaning into their lives, people who like to go outside the ordinary, who want to approach their career and relationships with creativity, and tap into the joy of being alive. I want to be there to discover and celebrate who you are, especially the parts that haven't had much space to express in your culture, work or family. I am particularly called to people in major life transitions, women looking to find their own unique connection to their femininity and ways of being around work, maternity and relationships. With my husband Jake, I facilitate couples who want to deepen and renew their love and partnership.


On my personal path, I’ve chosen to make major changes in my life to follow my own soul calling. Always interested in the big questions around this Universe, and how to live on this planet, I earned a master's degree in communications at LUISS University in Rome,  and then redirected my whole life to be with my soulmate Jake. 


Growing up in Southern Italy, with strict cultural norms for women, I realized that I was more than the role culture expected of me, and chose to embrace the woman that I am. That path has led me through massage school, traveling, learning 3 languages, energy work modalities, training in Integral relating practices, Gestalt and genetic psychology, and certification in the Mandala model by Dr. Roger Strachan at the Center for Creative Choice .in addition to certification as an interpersonal facilititator through the Integral Center in Boulder Colorado. I hope that it will lead me to working with you.