What is a Personal Mandala*?


We all have many sides to us.

This is your map to meet 

them all. 

Sometimes our inner experience can feel like a room full of people who all want different things. Amid all these voices, we might feel torn or stuck.


Now imagine you actually knew these members of your inner team, and had the tools to help them communicate and cooperate under your leadership.


Instead of feeling frustrated with your competing natures, you can discover the clarity and power of working with yourself as you are. 

In your first session with us, we will build your Personal Mandala, a graphical representation of your inner team. 

What do we do?


We give you the tools to fully express yourself

and build change from a place of clarity and creativity.  

Through a process of in-depth questions, reflection, and role-play, we’ll help you clarify the traits of your inner team members, learn to recognize their embodied expressions, and determine what they need to show up with their best. 


We support you in learning to work with your parts in ways that match your personal style (projects, experiments, writing, movement, meditation, strategy, rituals, and more), as well as exploring how your parts are showing up in your current experiences.


Research has shown that difficulty breaking old patterns typically comes from the parts of us satisfied by the status quo. With greater awareness, you access the freedom to decide what parts of you you want to strengthen or reclaim, and which ones may need to find a new role to play in service of your essence.

What is this work based on?


A meeting of present moment awareness, depth psychology and genetic behaviorialism

Research in both genetics and epigenetics has shown that much of our personalities comes from different clusters of inherited predispositions.


As these predispositions meet life experiences, they become the building blocks that express our essences. These are the parts we help you work with.


From a neuroscience perspective, working with your patterns over time creates new synaptic connections, opening the door to lasting change.


Our work is based on the work of Dr. Roger Strachan at the Center for Creative Choice, Gestalt therapy, recent discoveries in genetic behavorism and neuroplasticity, mindfulness, permaculture design, and Integral authentic relating practices.

*"Mandala" is a sanskrit word meaning "a visual representation of the whole, through the illustration of the parts."


How does this work apply to teams


How much more effective could your team be if you fully understood how each member shows up at their best-- and the dynamics between you that could get in the way? We build individualized maps of you and your teammates in personal sessions, then work with you together to uncover how to creatively meet your shared goals and have better relationships. Our work combines mindfulness with an individualized understanding of different communication patterns and work styles, calling out the full potential of your team through each member’s unique contribution.


How does this work apply to relationships?


What would it be like if you and your partner fully heard each other’s deepest desires, and worked together to creatively meet them? By uncovering the differents parts of you, and giving them space to speak, you and your partner can see the real dynamics in the relationship and gain more freedom in how you connect. In addition to our Mandala training, we bring experience and certification in Integral Authentic Relating practices-- a set of techniques for building intimacy and meeting the other in the present moment. By working together for greater understanding and compassion, the stage is set for true intimacy: in love, conflict, and the rhythms of everyday life.

What would be possible if you brought all of yourself to the table?