“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

-C.J. Jung



                 What is a Personal Mandala?


"Mandala" is a sanskrit word meaning "a visual representation of the whole, through the illustration of the parts." Depth psychologist Carl Jung refers to the mandala as "the psychological expression of the totality of the self." Through a process of in-depth questions, observation and role-play, we’ll explore the personality patterns you brought into the world and build your Personal Mandala: a graphical representation of the way your individual parts come together into the whole being that you are.






  •                   Building your Personal Mandala


Since the decoding of the Human Genome in 2003, research in both genetics and epigenetics (how life experiences affect the genetic expression of offspring) has shown that much of our personality comes from different clusters of inherited predispositions. These predispositions are what we call parts, and as they meet life experiences, they become the building blocks of our self. In our experience, these parts can be interacted with directly-- getting them all out on the board is the first part of that process.




  •                   Discovering Alignment 


Different parts of us want different things, express in different ways, interpret through different lenses, and bring different faculties to your life. It's easy to get lost in the noise. Getting to know your parts is like getting to know your allies-- all the strengths they bring to the table and what they need to show up with their best. We support you in getting to know your parts in ways that match your personal style (projects, experiments, writing, movement, wilderness work, meditation, strategy, and more) as well as exploring how your parts are showing up in your current experiences. With more awareness around what's really driving your choices, you gain more freedom to create the life you want to lead.




  •                    Creating New Patterns  


Significant research has shown our brains and nervous systems capable of new growth even into old age. We work with you on whatever elements of your life are most pressing, trying new ways for your parts to express and work together. By working with your parts in different ways over time, you can create new neural connections and lay the groundwork for lasting change.  




Is this psychotherapy?


No-- we are not licensed therapists, nor do we consider our work to be therapy. We bring no diagnoses or clinical models of what "healthy" looks like to our work with you. We're here to get to know you as you are, without labels, and help you work with the parts you have in service of whatever most calls you. 


Where does this work come from?


Based on the Self-Soul-Spirit model designed by Dr. Roger Strachan at the Center for Creative Choice, our work is informed by Gestalt therapy, recent discoveries in genetic behavorism and neuroplasticity, mindfulness, permaculture design, and Integral authentic relating practices.


You can read more about the model in Dr. Strachan's paper, available here.

“The task of (inner work) is to restore regard for what one is so poignantly, as to be at the starting point for what one would like to be” -Dr. Irving Polster