We provide several options for working with us, customized to your needs.  

           Private Practice
An ongoing relationship at our office here in Boulder, CO, or online via videochat.


We begin building out your Personal Mandala, a 4 hour process.


In ongoing follow-up work, we dig in to the most pressing issues in your life and relationships, and how to live, love and create from your true self. Follow-up work available with Jake and Stefania together or individually.

          Multi-day Intensives












Ready to realign your life or kickoff a new venture from a place of deeper integrity? Join us here in Boulder, or have us stay with you onsite. 


First time intensives will include building your Personal Mandala (and your partner's, if working on a relationship).


Customized options for teams and groups available.


Ongoing follow-up work and support available via our online practice.

         8-Day Retreat in Italy












Want to take the time and space to explore your essence in a supportive and relaxed environment? Join us during the summer at a seaside community in the South of Italy for a eight-day deep dive, customized to your situation and needs. 


An ideal recharge for your relationship, whether with a partner or with life itself. 


(The castle above is 5 minutes from where you stay. Gelato there for breakfast is an option.)




We love our work! And we would love to answer any questions you have about us or the Mandala process.


Schedule a 20-minute consultation with us today to discuss if our work is a good fit for you.

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We are based in Boulder, Colorado


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Sessions and Intensives in Boulder

Sessions and Intensives in Boulder

Remote Private Sessions

Remote Private Sessions

Workshops for Teams and Organization

Workshops for Teams and Organization

Multiday Intensives at Your Location

Multiday Intensives at Your Location

Retreats in Italy

Retreats in Italy

     We love to work with:


  • People in major life transitions such as career changes, significant life passages, and new adventures.


  • Individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulties within their personal life or relationships.


  • Teams and organizations who want to organize their work around the unique attributes of their employees.


  • Anyone looking for greater self-knowledge, clarity and mastery.